What is TACFIT® ??

TACFIT® is a fitness program that was originally designed for Law Enforcement, Special Forces and other government agencies across the globe to help them achieve elite-level fitness while remaining injury free, and also recover rapidly so they can respond to crisis more efficiently.

TACFIT® is especially relevant for Military, Police, Fire Fighters and other first responders, because it conditions the nervous system and stress arousal system to perform optimally while on the job. In addition, it restores the full range of motion for tactical mobility and compensates for sedentary and occupational mal-adaptations.

Recently named by Men’s Health Magazine as the “Smartest Workout in the World”, TACFIT® is entirely appropriate for all walks of life and fitness levels however, because it provides an incremental, practical approach to managing psychological & physiological stress, within a safe 30-minute workout.

Both Angela & Emily Fisher are TACFIT® Team Leaders (level II certified).



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