Success Stories

I want to thank with so much affection my coach Angela Fisher.  Without her I wouldn’t have have been able to achieve the great challenge of earning my TACFIT Team Leader!! Thank you for the customized online training and for challenging me to grow at my best pace without injury. I feel so lucky to have trained and succeeded with one of the best!!!

-Miriam Pompa (Mexico)


I would like to express how supportive influences play such a significant part in achieving one’s goals. A support system made up of knowledgeable and encouraging coaches makes for a successful experience! I was able to take my fitness & determination/dedication to an entire new level with the knowledge of the SloFlo coaches! The moments spent working out intelligently are invigorating, meditative and inspiring. I am grateful for the online coaching SloFlo provides as I reside in London, England. The coaches are always available to answer questions, and it’s been enlightening to conquer personal goals with coaches who make the experience PROFOUNDLY more valuable. I like to refer to them as my “SLO FLO family,” whom I cherish dearly. Thank you for creating & organizing something with such a significant, positive vibe; something I stand proud to be addicted to coming back to, over and over again! You rock! SloFlo has the best coaches in the business!!! What you waiting for? Get your FLOW ON!

-Haroon Daar (United Kingdom)


I first learned about Intu-Flow joint mobility after I experienced a back injury resulting in a herniated disk. I had been unable to sit for almost 5 weeks and had constant and debilitating radiating pain from my low back, around my hip and down the front of my leg. I was feeling hopeless, depressed, and so frustrated that a cortisone epidural and rest hadn’t made a difference.

Angela taught me some very easy and simple joint rotations and movements from head to toe that I could do each morning and evening for about 20 minutes. As I stood before her, moving my body, I realized for the first time I wasn’t in pain and my body was moving in ways that I new it needed to but was afraid to try. By the time Angela left I was sitting comfortably for the first time in 5 weeks! This was remarkable! I have continued to use these movements, reducing the pain and increasing mobility daily. I’ve recommended Angela to so many people. This technique is life changing for the better. I’m committed to keeping my body moving with Intu-Flow joint mobility. No surgery for me!

-Jill Garman


I have been a student of SloFlo for the past 6 months. I have found the CST training to be the best training I have had, I used to spend my workout time lifting weights. For me, CST gives me the cardio, strength, core, and flexibility I did not find with weights. I have lost 25 pounds and feel better than ever. I am sooooo happy that I found CST and SloFlo. I urge you all to give it a try.

-Terry Pippin


It’s nice to change things up a bit and get a woman’s perspective on movement and flow. Such an honor and pleasure to work with a couple of the finest coaches in the biz! Thank you SloFlo! Flow on!

-Philip Ye, California


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