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Angela Fisher

Angela Fisher is a CST Head Coach and the world’s first female TACFIT® Team Leader at RMAX International. She believes regular, restorative movement practice is the key to unlocking our inherent and abundant flow. Angela leads RMAX Clubbell® Athletics certifications and teaches educational workshops, classes, and corporate wellness programs. She also specializes in customized programs for fitness professionals seeking certification and clients on-the-go. The Clubbell® is her tool of choice because of its unique ability to recover movement flow and heal the body while producing the strength and physique we seek.

Angela first discovered the Clubbell® and Scott Sonnon’s CST & TACFIT® methods of fitness coaching after receiving her Business degree. She was drawn to the Clubbell®, not only for its obvious potential on the physical spectrum, but also for its ability to liberate the mind and remove subconscious fear-reactivity.  The Clubbell® served as a doorway for unleashing the inner confidence she knows we all possess within, and deserve to express. Her sister Emily witnessed the transformation, and soon became an avid student of Clubbells, CST, & TACFIT® training. The rest is now history. Today, Angela works alongside Emily, Scott Sonnon, and many other fitness professionals from around the globe to help return movement freedom and awareness to those who seek it.


  • Circular Strength Training® Head Coach (Level III)
  • TACFIT® Team Leader (Level II)
  • Clubbell Yoga Instructor



Emily Fisher

Emily understands the mind, body and spirit are inextricably intertwined and believes that movement is one of the most powerful personal outlets one can develop. She affirms that it is our divine right to operate our body and with grace and poise, and has made it her life’s mission to facilitate this in others.  As a native Californian, Emily has always enjoyed the active, outdoor lifestyle the coastline provides.  She returned home to California after many years abroad in South America and Europe to discover her passion for bringing mindful movement and increased health & vitality to others.

Emily earned her teaching credential in Foreign Language Education and is an experienced educator and movement coach.  She is a TACFIT® Team Leader, Circular Strength Training®(CST) Head Coach, and co-creator of Clubbell® Athletics with RMAX International. She specializes in individual and group instruction with an emphasis on optimal technique for injury-free training and conditioning.  Emily also has extensive experience teaching mindful-movement seminars as well as corporate wellness clinics aimed at helping people undo the accrued trauma from daily life in our modern society.  She enjoys working with a wide array of clientele, from first responders, elite athletes, to Senior citizens, and appreciates the challenge and uniqueness each student has to offer. Emily’s had the esteemed privilege of studying directly under Scott Sonnon, inventor of the Clubbell, and creator/founder of TACFIT® and the CST system.


  • Circular Strength Training® Head Coach (Level III)
  • TACFIT® Team Leader (Level II)
  • Clubbell Yoga Instructor
  • Flow-Fit Instructor

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