Clubbell what!? is the reaction we usually get when trying to explain this superior fitness tool. And upon first glance most people will try to pick it up and swing it like a baseball bat…ouch! We don’t recommend this! The Clubbell shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’re much heavier than they appear due to their unique design (displaced center of mass). Clubbells derived from ancient India, Persia, and Russia and have recently come back with a vengeance and improved design.

So what makes the Clubbells so special? It’s all in the way they’re used…3-dimensional movement! Unlike most machines and weights that focus on simple, linear movement, the Clubbell is maneuvered in highly sophisticated movement patterns that will challenge your nervous system and strengthen joints and fascia, not just muscle. Does your muscle just look good, or does it serve you too? We’re talking go-muscle, not show-muscle! What good does big, overdeveloped muscle really do if you can’t move?  …”I’m super strong, but don’t ask me to lean over and pick that up.” Clubbells solve this “bound-muscle” tragedy by training your muscles through movement, so they look great, feel great, & function great!

Here are some of the benefits unique to Clubbell swinging:

  • Vastly increased grip & wrist strength
  • Unparallelled core activation & development
  • Enhanced proprioceptive awareness
  • Improved joint & connective tissue health
  • Increased shoulder strength, flexibility & stability

Don’t take our word for it, check out these Clubbell videos to see them in action, then try them out for yourself!


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